Business Growth Through Lending: Skilled Services International Case Study

Skilled Services International

Executive Summary & Background

Dave didn’t start his company to “join” the construction labor management industry, he came to change it. Like many of the entrepreneurial visions Yes Lender helps bring to fruition, Skilled Services International entered the startup scene with a business model the industry had never seen before.

For the first time, a construction staffing company aimed to actually take care of its employees: full-time salaries, insurance benefits, paid leave and more. The motive? “Take good care of your employees, and they’ll take care of you and your clients,” says Dave. Skilled Services International had the blueprints, but needed a fundıng kickstart to make that blueprint a reality.

Challenges Faced by Skilled Services

When asking Dave his opinion on founding a company, he’ll say simply, “startups are never easy.” Taking care of employees is an important but expensive aspect. Invoices needed to be paid, insurance purchased and overhead expenses covered- a tall order for a newly-formed business.

Dave’s initial search for financial support via a broker proved frustrating, stressful and ineffective. The process was riddled with communication lapses, expensive fees and a glaring lack of interest from the lending side- until he found YesLender.

How Yes Lender Helped

While Dave’s initial funding experience was stressful and expensive, his exchange with Yes Lender proved to be the complete opposite. Working with Yes Lender was a “breath of fresh air,” says Dave in retrospect. Yes Lender showed a genuine interest in Dave’s success and delivered a refreshing culture of healthy communication, support and accessibility. These attributes became defining characteristics of what it meant to experience a funding relationship with Yes Lender.

He was now able, for the first time, to begin cultivating the company culture of employee care and support that would ultimately strengthen his own business. Funding in-hand, Dave was better able to provide insurance, paychecks, paid leave and other overhead costs stress-free. With day-to-day costs covered by Yes Lender funding, Dave was able to funnel company revenue toward growing company sales, enhancing recruitment efforts, building relationships with his existing employees and dedicating more time to developing career-enhancing opportunities for them.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

With Yes Lender funding, Dave was able to reach a new level of business growth for his company. In Dave’s words, “They took a genuine interest in my business and they asked all the right questions. It wasn’t just about how much funding I needed. They really care about me and my business. Yes Lender just takes the stress away.”

Moving forward with Yes Lender’s funding, Skilled Services International now has the financial bandwidth to invest in its employees with new skill-building courses and trainings. Lending launched the company on a track for long-term growth. It’s what helped set an excellent business plan in motion, and when Skilled Services International needs funding to hit that next growth benchmark?

Dave says simply, “I’m going to Yes Lender.”