Property Cleanout Michigan

Property Cleanout Michigan

Executive Summary and Background

Property Cleanout Michigan performs Estate and Property clean outs in Central and Northern Michigan. 50% of the business is working with realtors where they may also do some painting and minor repairs to help get the property ready for market, and the other 50% comes from family members whose loved one has died, often leaving a fully furnished home that needs to be cleaned out and sold. Family members who live out of town are especially grateful for the services offered by Property Cleanout Michigan.

Challenges Faced by Property Cleanout Michigan

In the beginning, Owner Vince Dontje faced fierce local competition. When he originally started, the business was seasonal, operating May – November in Northern Michigan only. There just wasn’t enough operating capital to compete with other businesses in the Central Michigan marketplace, and he needed a cash infusion to get through the slow winter months. Vince found it frustrating that he couldn’t take the risk to go out and price out a job and then not get it, which would leave him no financial cushion to fall back on. One of his primary business goals was to be the go-to guy for local realtors. He knew he had the right business model to grow, but as a small business, cash flow was the primary obstacle to overcome.

Yes Lender was there to lend a helping hand.

Yes Lender funding has enabled Vince to compete and stay busy all year long. “By having the cash that they gave me, I’m able to really grow my business. Revenue and profits have doubled or tripled since I’ve been using Yes Lender.” Vince is now able to compete and go into larger markets where it wasn’t feasible before. He has funded with Yes Lender 4 times for operating cash as well as equipment.

Vince says a primary benefit to working with Yes Lender is the quick turn-around. Vince states, “Financing takes a day. A day! The process has gotten easier as I have done more over time, but even the first time was really easy. They are very friendly and understanding. I feel like they are an extension of me. I didn’t feel like I was going after a big bank trying to get financing. I felt like the people at Yes Lender understood my needs and some of my problems and they were able to offer solutions that worked for me.”

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Vince appreciates the fact that as he’s done additional funding with Yes Lender, he sees benefit in being a repeat client. His finance rate has gone down, and because he has a good track record, they extend his loan out.

And, Vince has been able to achieve one of his primary goals. In a recent phone call, a local realtor told him that all of the realtors in the area now use Property Cleanout Michigan and they have his number on speed dial. Vince knows that wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t have the funding from Yes Lender to allow them to react when they needed to.