Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing from Yes Lender

At some point, most small and medium sized businesses face the need for purchasing new equipment to keep up with the latest technology, improve efficiency, or replace some older, worn out equipment. Often, however, the high cost of purchasing expensive equipment creates a need for quick cash. Even if your business already has enough money to cover the capital expense of new equipment, you may prefer to hold on to that cash for other business opportunities or a possible downturn rather than become cash poor to purchase the needed equipment. When the need for equipment financing is there, Yes Lender is your answer.

Kinds of Equipment You Can Finance

Almost any equipment you need to run your business more effectively can qualify you for equipment financing from Yes Lender. We’ve financed almost anything you can think of over the years including: new pizza ovens, machinery, office furniture, and even 18 wheelers! If the equipment can make your business more profitable, then Yes Lender wants to provide funding to you.

How to Obtain an Equipment Financing From Yes Lender

Because Yes Lender can do revenue based financing, it is able to act much faster than your local bank or supplier lender can in approving funding for your new equipment. Approval time for equipment financing can be less than 24 hours and, if approved, you could see the funds in your account in less than three days.

It’s best to have an explanation or business plan of how the new equipment will help make your business even more profitable. At Yes Lender, we want to know how the new investment will help propel your business to the next level.

Fill out the form on this page and a Yes Lender representative will get back to you quickly. We want to help your business grow to its full potential.

Minimum Requirements: In business for one year; $10,000/month in sales.

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Monthly minimum is $10,000 in sales and you must be in business for at least one year.