Driving Sales Case Study

Driving Sales

Executive Background

T’s Auto Transport LLC hauls vehicles and freight from auctions in Washington State. In an industry where payments are typically sent in 90-120 days, the business occasionally needs working capital. Owners Joe and Starla Lasky have been in this industry for over 26 years and feel that YesLender is an extension of their business. As Starla is happy to say, “They have become our point of contacting for any capital needs.”

Challenges Faced

It’s a fact of life in this industry – trucks break down, and repair bills can be very expensive. Getting those trucks repaired and back on the road is challenging, as traditional banks shy away from financing truck repairs. Starla commented that “there are a lot of shady people in the industry, some who want to do cash only transactions and then don’t pay taxes.” The Laskys want to keep their business on the up and up and to work with reputable financers. When one of their trucks broke down over a weekend, they called Yes Lender and got funding first thing on Monday morning to get a new engine and to get that truck back on the road.

Yes Lender Provides Working Capital Fast

As of May 2019, T’s Auto Transport has funded with Yes Lender 6 times. Their most recent financing was to purchase another flatbed tow truck. According to Starla, “This time we went directly to Yes Lender instead of messing around somewhere else. They are the easiest people to work with. I don’t like games or empty promises, and every person who works with Yes Lender is just like that!” She says, “I am a busy business person and I don’t have a lot of time to spare. If I take the time to call someone, I expect a call back and with Yes Lender I get a timely call back every time. “

When T’s Auto Transport calls Yes Lender for financing, they typically have an offer within an hour and have their requested funding that same day or the next day. And, Yes Lender always follows up to confirm the details.

“You need to call these guys!”

“It’s nice to have someone care about our business. [Yes Lender] takes the time to learn about the company and the planned purchase. I send them pictures and we get to know them personally. They are just great people. It’s hard to find someone who cares and takes the time to get to know their customers personally,” says Starla. She recommends Yes Lender to everyone she can. Starla is happy to share Yes Lender flyers and business cards and often tells people, “You need to call these guys!”