Do I Qualify

Do I Qualify?

The answer is YES, if you, the business owner, have the following characteristics:

  • Total passion toward your business
  • A belief that hard work and some creativity is what sets you apart from your competitors
  • You are a person of integrity and work every day to uphold this value
  • You are a good communicator

These are the characteristics that we mutually share with our clients. At Yes Lender, our goal is to help you achieve your goals by becoming your long-term financing partner. Our interests are aligned with your interests. Therefore, your success is our success.

If you have not had success with attaining loans from banks and other traditional lenders, or you have worked with other merchant cash advance companies in the past but felt it was an empty experience, then talk to us and see how we can truly become partners together. Let us help you answer the question, “Do I qualify?” with a resounding YES.