Yes Lender Delivers and Gets a Stamp of Approval

funding for mail delivery routes

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this YesLender customer from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Special Delivery

Getting your mail is one thing that you just take for granted every day. You open the mailbox and there it is. In today’s busy world, seldom do you even think how it got there. It’s just there.

More and more today, you aren’t seeing those iconic postal trucks delivering the mail to your home or business. Sometimes, it’s an ordinary van that delivers your bills and grocery store circulars. Increasingly, those delivery vehicles are driven by independent contractors that work for the United States Postal Service.

The Post Office’s practice of contracting and sub-contracting mail delivery is nothing new. In fact, the mail has been transported between facilities since 1792. Since 1900, home and business mail routes have been supplemented by independent contractors. A 2012 study showed that 4.4% of postal routes are delivered by “contractor delivery service” (CDS).

Today, that number continues to increase. Hobbled by increasing delivery costs and high pension obligations, the Post Office is hiring more CDS companies and individuals to deliver the mail. The advantages are numerous. The Post Office doesn’t have to invest in vehicles or fuel. It saves on payroll taxes, state and federal taxes, and many of the employment laws do not apply to independent contractors.  And, competing companies often means competitive bidding to ensure that the USPS secures advantageous pricing.

The Postmaster General

Jacquin Kirkman, president of Clientele Human Capital Solutions, of Dunkirk, Maryland, is one such businessman that has established a strong CDS business thanks to providing outstanding service and with a little help from merchant cash advance provider YesLender. Kirkman, an Air Force veteran, spent ten years as a federal employee working as a Director of Human Resources for Diversity Inclusion at the General Services Association (GSA)—the largest contracting agency in the federal government. This experience certainly gave Kirkman a leg up on understanding how to cut through the daunting red tape that many businesses experience when dealing with the behemoth known as the US government.

The most difficult thing for any business desiring to work with the US Postal Service is winning the first piece of business. Clientele Human Capital Solutions earned its first CDS contract in North Carolina. Today, it has grown to over forty contracts.  

“Once we got our first one (contract), the flood gates opened,” said Kirkman.

Kirkman emphasized that he’s held to the same performance level of any business. “I had to learn from other people,” said Kirkman. “I always have to have my drivers ready to go. The mail has to be delivered six days per week. It takes a special person who wants to work six days a week.”

While most of the routes are rural, Kirkman’s company recently garnered opportunities in urban areas, including West Palm Beach and Sarasota, Florida.

“I was surprised too that the Florida opportunities were available for contracting,” said Kirkman. “I spent several weeks down there making sure we were ready to go.”

Start-up costs for a contract of this size included hotel rooms for several weeks and purchasing fifteen mini-van vehicles for the new route drivers—a significant investment. That’s when Kirkman returned to YesLender for help financing the start-up costs for the new contracts with a merchant cash advance.

Stamp of Approval

“Originally, when we started the business, I had very little working capital and personal credit,” said Kirkman. “YesLender helped get me started. They gave me a chance at the very beginning.”

Today, Clientele Human Capital Solutions is a thriving and profitable business. It can finance most of its smaller opportunities with retained earnings. But, when a larger opportunity, such as the one in Florida arises, Kirkman has no concerns in working with YesLender.

“I like that they are not high pressure,” said Kirkman. “A lot of people in this industry are very pushy. YesLender puts you at ease. They are easy to talk to. They make you feel like you are part of the company. I’ll definitely go back to them in the future.”

Looks like YesLender has received a stamp of approval.


Anthony Wayne is a content specialist for Purplegator.