About Us

About Us

Yes Lender provides funds to small businesses. Once your funding application is approved, we will wire money from our bank account into yours.

The founders of Yes Lender are passionate about supporting small businesses. Yes Lender was created in response to the arduous process that small business owners go through when applying for a bank loan. The owners of Yes Lender have owned and operated multiple small businesses over the last 27 years. We understand the frustration around securing capital from traditional lenders because we lived it. It is for this reason that Yes Lender was founded on the idea of providing small business owners with an easy and user-friendly application and approval process. We make decisions quickly and can wire funds within two to three days of receiving an application.

Yes Lender is based in King of Prussia, PA. We fund all types of businesses in virtually every industry imaginable. Our clients are located throughout the country. As a privately owned small business ourselves, we have the flexibility to do things our way—or, as we see it, the right way.

Your Long-Term Financing Partner

Our goal is to become your permanent financing partner. We view our relationship with the small businesses we fund as a true partnership. Our interests are aligned with our small business partners. As with any successful partnership, we believe communication is paramount. We demonstrate our commitment to our small business partners through our monthly outreach program where we “check-in” and try to learn about the partner’s performance, challenges and needs. We provide add-on funding to most of the businesses that we initially fund. Our commitment to helping our partners has resulted in us growing with them.

Give us a call at: 888-937-5363 (888-YES-LEND)