Yes Lender – Your Small Business Equity Partner

Are you wondering how to best finance an upcoming project? Are you facing an unexpected business challenge? There are a number of ways for a small business owner to get funding.  A traditional bank loan is an option. Others may secure an SBA Loan or try to find an Angel Investor. But many small businesses face unique challenges such as little to no established credit or poor credit history and they need alternative sources for funding.        

 If your business needs cash right away, here are 4 reasons to consider funding from Yes Lender:

1)      Financial Flexibility. With small and easy to manage daily payments (on business days only),  you’ll have funding  for expansion, equipment purchases or repair, licensing fees, a crisis that needs to be handled quickly, seasonal fluctuations, taxes and more.

2)      Easy Application and Approval Process. Our application process is easy. It only takes about 10 minutes to apply for a Merchant Cash Advance with Yes Lender.  Amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000+ can be approved within just 24-48 hours. You’ll know quickly if you’ve been approved,  and you’ll have access to your funds in your bank account within a few days

3)       No Collateral / No Personal Guarantees.  A Merchant Cash Advance from Yes Lender enables you to secure money today based on your future sales.

4)      Personal Connection and Investment in your business. The professionals at Yes Lender are committed to your success. We’ll get to know you and your business on a personal level.  Many of our clients are repeat customers who consider us a strategic business funding partner in growing their business.

We understand small business and we work in a variety of industries. We’ve helped thousands of businesses like yours get the capital they need to solve immediate business needs.  We say YES when others say No. 

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