Will My Business Qualify for Funding?

YesLender provides working capital to existing businesses that need cash right away. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that remittance options are structured with the health of the business in mind.

See below for the minimum funding criteria to qualify for funding from YesLender

Qualifying Details:

chart-monthlyMonthly Sales: chart-timeTime in Business: chart-creditPersonal Credit Score: chart-locationLocation: chart-industryIndustry:
$5,000+ 3 months minimum All credit scores qualify United States
(All 50 States)
95% of industries qualify

You can still qualify for immediate funding even if you:

  • Have no personal collateral
  • Have no business plan
  • Have a tax lien
  • Have a discharged bankruptcy
  • Have a seasonal or work-at-home business

Learn How Your Business Can Qualify For the Funds You Need!